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The Beaches & Elsworthy Point 


Elsworthy Point Light House


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The Vampyrica

Elizabetta Bombay was born on October 31st in 1697 in Wizard’s but was raised in Charles Town (now Charleston) in South Carolina.  As she grew, she quickly became known as a fiery young girl who could take care of herself, as evidenced by her soundly beating and cursing a man who made vulgar and improper advances toward her.  Her temperament, however, won out over everything in the end, as her desire for adventure ultimately led her to a dalliance with a part time pirate named James Bonny.

Their mutual infatuation with piracy, led Elizabetta and James to New Providence in the Bahamas by early 1719, but the relationship soon fell apart.  In May of that year, Elizabetta met Calico Jack Rackham and soon fell in love with her dream pirate.  James Bonny was outraged and tried to have her flogged for adultery.  Her revenge was swift and brutal.  She stole his ship, the Vampyrica, and strung him up to die from starvation and thirst from the foremast as they sailed for England.

Her end is uncertain, some claimed she was reconciled to her father who returned to his home in England whilst others claimed that she sailed into the infamous Bermuda Triangle where she sales the Vampyrica to this day….


Smugglers Haven / Elsworthy Beach


Elsworthy Beach is located just over half a mile from the town, and has a beautiful harbour, known locally as Smugglers Haven, which was used for the export of wool from Saxon times; however, it was last used commercially in the 17th century.

During the Second World War, considerable defences were built along the coast as a part of British anti-invasion preparations, though the north coast of Somerset was an unlikely invasion site. Some of the structures remain to this day. Most notable are the pillboxes on the foreshore of Elsworthy Beach. These are strong buildings made from pebbles taken from the beach and bonded together with concrete. From these, soldiers could have held their ground if the Germans ever invaded.

Rumour has it that there is still quite an illicit pirate trade that operates through Smugglers Haven, helped in part by the defence structures that often appear to have brand new padlocks securing them.