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The Market Square 


The Market House


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Bob Black & Quentin Decker, Ironmongers to the crown

At the top of the square, on the High Street, you’ll find Bob Black and Quentin Decker’s world famous ironmongers.  Inside you'll find a warren of little rooms piled high with treasures - worth a trip to the town just to see them. The word is that if they don't have what you're looking for, they'll get it - anything!

Every town needs traditional Ironmongers, selling 4 inch nails, fork handles and hose, it's just that this one also sells cauldrons. It has to be said that most of the non-magical folk in Wizard's Thatch believe they are sold as decorative and ironic flower pots (the town being called Wizard's Thatch and all) but people in the know, know the truth..... After all, all the best spells and potions are brewed in a cauldron aren't they?

Both Bob and Quentin hire themselves out for any kind of handyman work available in the area, and are often seen squiring some of the more well do locals at gala evenings before going home with them to lag their pipes or fix their plumbing.



Witchrose Supermarket

Witchrose is the Wizard's Thatch supermarket and delicatessen.  Over the years, the locals have successfully fought off forays by all the major supermarket chains believing that independence is best. That and the sure knowledge that every little might help, but that the big four are unlikely to ever stock the local delicacy of truffle wrapped wild boar sausages at a price that they can afford.




Bashirs Carpets of Distinction

There are very few independent specialist carpet retailers left in England, and Ali Bashir is one of the best.  All of his carpets are woven right here on the premises with clays and spies sourced from the Bazaars of the Middle East used for the dyeing process.  They feel truly magical underfoot, with the sensation of floating just a few inches off the floor (no mass produced Axminsters here), these are carpets with a twist! 

Some people swear that it feels as though you're walking on air when you walk on a Bashir's carpet. Others of course know the truth... Ali Bashir serves a particularly potent mint tea to all of his customers; in fact it's surprising that they don't think they're flying.....either that, or they really are…….

Ali Bashir is a direct descendent of Jacob Yahud Bashir, who settled in Wizard’s Thatch in or around 776 AD, when it was little more than a hamlet.



Mrs Beeton's Golden Broomstick Tavern

In addition to being a microbrewery, the Golden Broomstick stocks a wide range of beverages including the local specialities of Spiced Pumpkin Juice (squeezed from locally grown pumpkins) and Wizard's Thatch Original Recipe ButterBeer.

Brewed to the same recipe since early Victorian times, Wizard's Thatch Original Recipe ButterBeer has been a local favourite for many, many years as both an alcoholic punch and a refreshing soft drink.  The recipe was given to local philanthropist Dr Thaddeus Bombay by Mrs Isabella Beeton in 1861.  It tastes the same now as when she first made it.

The Golden Broomstick is named both in her honour, and after the fastest train in the Great Wizarding Railway.




The Wizard's Thatch Theatre


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Old Market House

The Wishing Tree