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Magic Alley 



Auntie Emm's Wizarding Confection Collection

Quite possibly the most popular little shop in Magic Alley. Most of the children from the Wizard's Thatch Academy spend their weekly stipend here treating Auntie Emm's as a glorified tuck shop. Emmentaal Maracas, the proprietor, makes all her own confectionery and insists that the recipes are a closely guarded family secret. Her bestselling sweets include Jelly Troll Bogies, Two Ton Tongue Ticklers and the obligatory favourites Fizzing Whizz Bangs.




Marvolo's Magical Emporium


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The World Famous Wand Emporium

Oliver van de Bombay has been making wands and staffs longer than any other retailer.  With the advent of mass production of replica resin wands in the far east, as official movie souvenirs, many traditional wand makers went out of business (the movie industry has a lot to be blamed for....) and consequently the skills required started to die out.  The van de Bombay family, on the other hand, continue to hand make all of them the old fashioned way in the family workshops in Wizard's Thatch.




Lumos and Incendio, Candles & Incense


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SpellBox of Wizard’s Thatch

Wishing is a tradition as old as time. Think about your first wish upon a falling star or the birthday wish we make at the passing of each year. SpellBox of Wizard’s Thatch Wish Kits build upon that tradition by offering complete kits to empower and manifest your dreams. Just add your intent!

Handcrafted in our magical workshops during the appropriate lunar phase for active realisation, each kit contains simple to use instructions and all the ingredients necessary to empower your wish to manifest your desire. Remember a wish that is spoken of to others is rarely granted!


Auntie Val’s

Auntie Val is the artisan producer with a larger than life reputation both in the UK and abroad for her traditional and unusual Marmalades, Jams, Chutneys and Preserves.

Auntie Val is proud to supply High Street and Farm Shops, Department Store Food Halls, Visitor Attractions, Garden Centres and 5*+ Catering. Auntie Val can often be found supporting local community and charity events and the odd food festival.

Auntie Val's Marmalades, Jams and Chutneys are made without artificial preservatives, flavours or colours and no E's, all lovingly created in small open pan batches using traditional methods handed down through the generations, with only the finest ingredients (many locally produced) to insure that ‘home made’ taste and texture

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Storybook Gifts

Spellbound Books