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Horizont Alley 


Horizont Alley is a unique place for book lovers. Located in the very heart of Wizard’s Thatch, a moment's walk from the Market Square, Horizont Alley is a picturesque late Victorian thoroughfare linking Baker Street and Magic Alley, pedestrianized and seemingly immune from the bustle of the town which surrounds it. It is quite narrow, and can seem a little dark, especially at twilight.

The shop fronts have not been altered in more than a century and the traditional hanging signs announce specialists in rare and antiquarian books, maps and prints and all manner of related printed material including stamps and banknotes. Whether you are looking for weighty sixteenth-century folios, modern first editions, early maps of the area, theatre posters, children's books and more besides, someone in Horizont Alley will be able to assist.




Burke & Hare's Apothecary

The two Williams (William Burke and William Hare) came to Wizard's Thatch in 1829 shortly after their namesakes were hung for murder in Edinburgh.  Although there was much consternation upon their arrival, as they appeared to be of what was locally referred to as a rough element, they quickly established themselves as friends to the elderly and infirm, often nursing them through their final hours.

Widely respected as purveyors of homemade herbal concoctions that could cure everything from whooping cough to infestations by rodents their business benefited from their elderly benefactors who often left them all of their worldly goods upon their death simply for being there at the end.  The business is currently run by their grandsons, also both called William..... apparently.



M Henri Zont's

M. Henri Zonts has been making globes and armillary spheres for hundreds of years. Originally founded as the Wizarding Navigation Service (WNS) to provide maps and deep water charts for the seven seas, the service quickly expanded to include armillary spheres and globes.  In fact it was the original M Henri Zont that provided Columbus with a series of charts enabling him to “discover” America for the first time.

The sailors of Wizard’s Thatch were outraged by the “discovery” and petitioned King Henry VII, who was more interested in treaties with Europe than the plight of Somerset Sailors.

The shop still has the largest collection of charts, maps and globes anywhere in the known world. 



Marus O’Houllihan’s Eclectic Emporium

Stocking the widest range of bronzes, Parisian busts, portrait miniatures, snuff-boxes and historical ephemera in Wizard’s Thatch, they always have a comprehensive display of Art Deco & Nouveau, tea-caddies, top hats, porcelain figurines, silver, watercolours & oils, canes, cameras, oil-lamps, pocket watches and magnifying glasses, scientific instruments and just about anything of particular historical interest. In fact you never quite know what you might find. O’Houllihan’s is considered to be a permanently moving kaleidoscope of stock. Whether it is a steam car or a stuffed parrot, a clockwork locomotive, a Royal Doulton commemorative or a Moorcroft vase, you can usually find it here.





Watson’s Occultorama

Specialists in Mysticism, Eastern Religions, Alternative Medicine, Astrology, Magick, Jungian Psychology, Wicca, Yoga & Spirituality.

Watson’s, established in 1894, is perhaps the oldest independent and the leading specialist all areas of mind, body and spiritual literature in Somerset. The staff are enthusiastically expert in a wide field of disciplines. They also offer alternative healing, counselling and divination services.






Jacob T Storey's Ltd

Established in 1829 by Jacob T. Storey as an antiquarian bookshop, Storey's specialises in antiquarian engraved prints and maps. Subjects include British and foreign topography, a strong selection of military and naval prints particularly relating to Lord Nelson and Napoleon Bonaparte; Costume and fashion; Sports and pastimes; Natural history, including engravings by Curtis and Paxton. 



Black Letter Days Travel Agents


Information coming soon 


Boggarts Bazaar

An old world Witchcraft shop filled with magical merchandise for both curious apprentice, Witch and Wizard alike: for those who believe in spirits and those who summon them in graveyards at midnight; those who dance in the rain and those who command the thunder; those who pray for justice and those who stand in strength to demand it; those who believe in magic and those whose hearts beat with its fire!


Madam Fortune's Fortune Telling Parlour


Information coming soon