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The High Street 


Bob Black & Quentin Decker, Ironmongers to the crown

At the top of the square, on the High Street, you’ll find Bob Black and Quentin Decker’s world famous ironmongers.  Inside you'll find a warren of little rooms piled high with treasures - worth a trip to the town just to see them. The word is that if they don't have what you're looking for, they'll get it - anything!

Every town needs traditional Ironmongers, selling 4 inch nails, fork handles and hose, it's just that this one also sells cauldrons. It has to be said that most of the non-magical folk in Wizard's Thatch believe they are sold as decorative and ironic flower pots (the town being called Wizard's Thatch and all) but people in the know, know the truth..... After all, all the best spells and potions are brewed in a cauldron aren't they?

Both Bob and Quentin hire themselves out for any kind of handyman work available in the area, and are often seen squiring some of the more well do locals at gala evenings before going home with them to lag their pipes or fix their plumbing.



Tangled Words Book & Map Shop

Despite the fact that tourists are actively discouraged from visiting and spoiling this gem of the English countryside, Tangled Words does sell a wide range of maps and guides to the local area including a wide range of local history books written by the locals themselves.

Tangled Words also has its own printing press and publishes the town newspaper, often referred to as "the Panic Post" - usually because there's always a panic to get it ready in time for publication.  The Post (to give it it's real name) is a weekly publication full of news and local interest stories.  The stars are written by a local horologist and soothsayer called Madame Pumphrey who also does a nice turn in knitted tea cosies that look just like pumpkins.

It is also the main distribution point for Official Decrees and Proclamations from the Real Ministry of Magic in London.