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All Magical Journeys Have To Start Somewhere...

Have you ever wondered where the first magical train journey ran from?  Was it from Platform 9 3/4 at Kings Cross Station in London or from a small and invisible town somewhere in the North of England?  The answer of course is neither.....


Welcome to Wizard's Thatch Halt... the most magical stop on the Great Wizarding Railway!  Although of course there are many other magical places that try to make this claim, none do it with as much as authority as the inhabitants of Wizard's Thatch, the world's largest magical community outside of the fictional worlds of boy wizards and invisible schools.

Wizard's Thatch has always been here, it's just that maybe you've overlooked it or not been looking hard enough - but it has always been here.  Situated in a valley somewhere on the Bristol Channel coast just northwest of Taunton, in Somerset, the market town was first established in 496AD although its charter wasn't granted until 1313. So, I suppose to be strictly honest, it hasn't "always" been here, but it has been here for a very, very long time!

And as for the railway? Well, that's where it really gets interesting. Just click on the logo above to visit the Great Wizarding Railway website.




Wizard's Thatch Halt Train Station

Every journey to Wizard's Thatch begins with a stop at Wizard's Thatch Halt, the local train station.  Of course, you could visit the town by car if you were able to navigate the confusing narrow lanes and the signs that appear to point in every direction apart from the one in which you want to go - so to be honest, it probably is far easier just to catch a train.  That is, unless the town wants you to find it, in which case the directions are very simple and it takes next to no time at all to get there....

Tickets are of course freely available from all main railway ticket agencies - although once you are in possession of a ticket it is somewhat harder to find the platform that the trains leave from. It is said that the Great Wizarding Railway deliberately alters its timetable to discourage tourists.