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Faithless Wives Lane 


The Grey Sisters

The legend of the Faithless Wives of Wizard’s Thatch tells how unfaithful wives were made to trek across the neighbouring moor for several miles, washing their hair in Deepwater Lake on the way, to a stone circle called The Grey Sisters. There they had to lie in front of one of the stones and earnestly pray for forgiveness. If the stone remained erect, the lady was forgiven, but if it fell, she was not!


Bombay Manor, Wizard's Thatch Halt 
Bombay Manor stands a short way outside the main town of Wizard's Thatch in a small hamlet known as Wizard's Thatch Halt.  The present building was erected in 1541 as a “this is not what to do” example of construction by the Wren School of architecture. However, a testament to the building techniques of the time means that it is still standing to this day, albeit slightly wonkily. Various generations have continued to add to the building with a wing here and a turret there until it now resembles something from the “Hammer House” of architecture. Now an old and slightly mouldering pile, it is still truly a sight to behold.

The ghosts of some members of the Bombay family are believed to inhabit various parts of the building giving rise to the belief locally that Bombay Manor is one of the most haunted buildings in the country....


Wizard's Thatch Halt Train Station

Every journey to Wizard's Thatch begins with a stop at Wizard's Thatch Halt, the local train station.  Of course, you could visit the town by car if you were able to navigate the confusing narrow lanes and the signs that appear to point in every direction apart from the one in which you want to go - so to be honest, it probably is far easier just to catch a train.  That is, unless the town wants you to find it, in which case the directions are very simple and it takes next to no time at all to get there....

Tickets are of course freely available from all main railway ticket agencies - although once you are in possession of a ticket it is somewhat harder to find the platform that the trains leave from. It is said that the Great Wizarding Railway deliberately alters its timetable to discourage tourists.