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Baker Street 


Wood’s of Wizard's Thatch

This beautifully traditional bakery and patisserie has been in Wizard's Thatch for literally hundreds of years and is still in the hands of the same family who have been baking in the town since it was first settled in the 800’s – in fact legend has it that it was one of the Wood sisters who gave shelter to King Alfred when he first fled to the Somerset levels.  It was this sister, who unaware of his identity, left him to watch some cakes that she had left cooking on the fire. Preoccupied with the problems of his kingdom, Alfred accidentally let the cakes burn.

Wood’s of Wizard’s Thatch was granted a Royal warrant by Queen Victoria who was rather partial to their sponges. Apparently, she had a habit of getting a bit peckish between lunchtime and her very late dinner, and began requesting that a tray of tea with sweet bread and butter be served to her around four o' clock to ward off the hunger pangs. Victoria sandwiches, or sponges, were soon all the rage, and eventually became the measuring stick by which all baking was judged.


The Wyrd Museum

A peculiar building on the corner of Baker Street and Horizont Alley, the Museum is home to some of the oldest and most terrifying secrets ever to plague the mortal world. There are Magic Mirrors; The Bombay Collection of Victorian Fortune Telling Machines; Wyrd Exhibits; Crow Dolls and Peculiar Creatures and of course the Room of Confiscated Magical Artefacts…..

What will you discover when you visit?


Old Slaughters Coffee Shop

Old Slaughters first opened its doors on December 1st 1892, just two weeks after the proprietor Dr Thomas Cream arrived in Wizard’s Thatch from the East End of London. It is said that Dr Cream had received a vision that for his health and longevity he should leave London as fast as he could, which he did on November 16th of the same year. 

His coffee shop provided beverages and elixirs for the cognoscenti and the opening of Old Slaughters certainly caused a stir - partially due to the rather macabre displays of his old and slightly blood stained surgical equipment. Somewhat of a philanthropist, Dr Cream made friends easily welcoming all classes into his establishment, especially the unfortunates that had fallen on hard times.  To those, he was affectionately known as Jack.


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Holmes & Watson - Insulting Detectives