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The Wizard's Thatch Academy 

 "nunquam subsisto pertingens ad astra"

“The best thing about Wizard’s Thatch Academy is that if you have a talent they’ll strengthen it, and if you don’t they’ll help you discover one.”

Wizard’s Thatch Academy is about a lot more than ticking boxes. Head teacher Rowenta Di Marco is passionate about education and providing a top notch academic life.  Boarding students eat in their boarding houses rather than a central dining room, and day students like being able to go back to their houses in the town for lunch as for both groups it feels like they are having a break away from school. 

There are more than 40 extracurricular activities on offer, including the superbly named Hot Potato debating club, and “Believe to Lead” projects. The inspirational art and music departments both deserve special mention, as does the fourth Oxbridge choral scholarship in recent years.  And did we mention the new Herbology centre situated near the Victorian Greenhouses? 

But what really stands out is that the students genuinely seem to appreciate their lovely surroundings and know just how lucky they are to be at one of the world’s foremost Magic Schools.  That's right, you didn't misread the last sentence, and the Wizard's Thatch Academy is also known as Magic School!

If you're lucky enough to live in Wizard's Thatch then the chances are that you'll be enrolled, but if you don't then it's harder to get in.  However, if you have been proven magical enough to purchase one of Dr Thaddeus Bombay's Magic Wands then there is still hope. 

Oh, and the motto? That translates as "Never stop reaching for the stars..."