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The Chronicles of Wizard's Thatch

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Many things are written about the lost years of William Shakespeare.

Scholars wonder how a 14 year old youth managed to learn enough about the wider world, politics, military strategy and history in order to pen such mighty works as Antony and Cleopatra, Hamlet and Macbeth. They wonder where he travelled to; whether or not he became an actor or who he might have studied under. They contemplate endlessly how he learned everything he needed to know to become the world's greatest ever playwright. 

The true story of how he came by this knowledge had never been revealed.For over 400 years the "Lost years of William Shakespeare" have been just that...  Lost that is, until now.......

It's the oldest temptation, right?  Not gold, or the power that it can buy; not love nor the deep drumming fires of passion - what we can never resist is knowledge. Not just any knowledge either, oh no, but the secret hidden knowledge of the ancients. A knowledge as seductive and treacherous as a Will o'the Wisp glimmering through dark forest branches.

At least that's what the Chronicles of Wizard's Thatch would have us believe. Not that I believe everything that they say which is why I keep my own records. But they're good stories never the less, and I love stories.  Besides, whether or not knowledge is the oldest temptation, it's beyond doubt one of the most dangerous - spellbinding in the full, old, traditional sense of the word.

To learn more about the Chronicles and read my tales for yourself, just browse through the pages of this website. But beware... you might just leave with more questions than you can shake a stick at - that is if you ever leave there at all, or you can find a stick of course.  Personally, I always know where my stick is - you might have to draw something one day.

By the way, I may have forgotten to explain who I am.  I am the travelling companion of the world's greatest time travelling wizard, Dr Thaddeus Bombay. Companion and Chronicler, as I write down all of his adventures.  My name? That's the easy part. 

My name is Will Shakespeare, but all my friends call me Will.

Here you'll learn about the adventures of the world's greatest time traveling wizard and his friends, as they explore hidden realms and dark secrets of twistory using every gift at their disposal - including magic!





Meet the author of the Chronicles...

We are extremely lucky that Dave Matthews, author of the Chronicles of Wizard's Thatch, is very hands on at Magic Alley - and although he's not here in Stratford every day it's quite possible that you might just be able to get your book signed if you meet him. He might even share a few secrets or "easter eggs" and tell you about the new books in the series...

The Chronicles of Wizard's Thatch are available either in person from Wartytoads Booksellers in Magic Alley, Stratford upon Avon, or by Owl Order - simply call us on 01789 290969, and we'll do our best to help. They are also available to order from independent bookshops and gift shops around the country. Please note that we do not sell the books through major high street chains, supermarkets or via Amazon.

The first three stories were first available in 1990 and have had a dedicated following for years, now for the first time the whole series are being made available at the same time including some brand new releases.  If you would like to be kept up to date with news about the reissues and have sneak previews of the latest editions please like the follow us on twitter @SeekTheMagicOrg



If you own an independent book shop or gift shop and would like stock the Chronicles of Wizard's Thatch, please call us and we'll either send you the trade catalogue or give you access to the trade page on this site where you can download order forms and free Point Of Sale (this can be ordered direct from us as well!). Once you stock the Chronicles we will list you on this page and promote you on our twitter feed.






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Magic Alley & The Lost Years Of William Shakespeare; the world's oldest makers and purveyors of magical wares, and msueum of magic, fairytales and time travel

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