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Have you ever wished upon a star? Felt the energies of nature or just been curious about magic? Then you need the Magic SpellBox Company!

This is magic that anyone can work, with surprising results. It is the magic of nature, positive magic for positive solutions.  Founded before the turn of the century we are recognised the world over as being the leading and most traditional manufacturer of magical wares.  Everything we make reflects our love for where we live, our faith in the world and our hope for the future as well as drawing upon the heritage of our past. 

Welcome to SpellBox of Wizard's Thatch.


  "If the hum-drum of life has been getting you down, maybe it’s time to re-connect with your inner spirituality and weave a little magic into your day."

The Magic Alley - the world's oldest and largest makers and purveyors of magical wares only at the sign of the Creaky Cauldron in Henley Street, Stratford upon Avon


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The Law states that we have to offer our spell products as curiosity items only and can make no claims as to their effectiveness.