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The Spellbinding Chronicles

of Wizard's Thatch


The Chronicles of Wizard's Thatch series of books are available either in person from the Magic Alley store in Stratford upon Avon or by Owl Order - simply call us on 01789 290969, and we'll do our best to help

The first three stories were first available in 1990 and have had a dedicated following for years, now for the first time the whole series are being made available at the same time including some brand new releases.  If you would like to be kept up to date with news about the reissues and also have sneak previews of the latest editions please like the follow us on twitter @SeekTheMagicOrg

The Chronicles of Wizard's Thatch





The Other Doctor and the Girl Who Ran Away, the first book in the Chronicles of Wizard's Thatch series by Dave Matthews

The Other Doctor and the Girl Who Ran Away  

What do a Victorian Jewish Detective, a thirteen-year-old girl called Alice, a vampire and William Shakespeare, the Bard of Avon, have in common? They’re all acquaintances of the world’s greatest time travelling wizard, Dr Thaddeus Bombay.

Join him on his magical adventures through twistory as he travels with his two companions, Will and Alice, and goes in search of the truth behind the myths and legends of Wizard’s Thatch - a small and insignificant town in Somerset that just happens to be home to the most magical school in the world, the Wizard’s Thatch Academy.

The Other Doctor and The Girl Who Ran Away is the first in a series of page turning adventures for children of all ages (from 8 to 98) that introduces you to the largest magical community in the world. It really is where magic begins...


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978 0 9928 744 07


The Pirate Queen is the second book in the Chronicles of Wizard's Thatch series by Dave Matthews


The Pirate Queen and the Boy Who Stole

It was Alice’s first day at her new school and her friend the Other Doctor was in trouble and needed her help. But where did she have to go and what on earth would she be able to do to help? After all, she wasn’t magical in any way - at least she didn’t think she was.

Join Alice, Will and the Doctor as they journey into the past to rescue the mysterious Pirate Queen.


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978 0 9928 744 38


The Pumpkin Father is the third book in the Chronicles of Wizard's Thatch series by Dave Matthews


The Pumpkin Father - you'll never be naughty again!

twas the night before Christmas… Actually it wasn’t, it was October 31st in 1432 and a family were expecting the birth of their 13th child. The   local crops had failed and the village midwives thought that it was an ill-omened child.

Join Alice and her friends on the last day of term for a history lesson like no other and a lesson in hope.


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978 0 9928 744 21


Grandfather Frost is the fourth book in the Chronicles of Wizard's Thatch series by Dave Matthews


Grandfather Frost and the Frost Makers Guild

Will Shakespeare stared at the engraved invitation. The Frost Makers Guild had called a Conventicle and he had been invited. Join him, his friend Alice and the world’s greatest time travelling wizard, Dr Thaddeus Bombay as they journey to the North Pole on Christmas Eve to try and save Christmas.


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978 0 9928 744 76


William Shakespeare Vampire Hunter is the fifth book in the Chronicles of Wizard's Thatch series by Dave Matthews


William Shakespeare, Vampire Hunter

Most people think of William Shakespeare as a great poet and playwright but during the period 1578 - 1582 and again from 1585 - 1592 (commonly referred to as the Lost Years) no-one has ever known exactly what Will got up to…

Until now that is.


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978 0 9928 744 69


Rhabdomanteia is the sixth book in the Chronicles of Wizard's Thatch series by Dave Matthews



Valeria Bombay closed the file and slipped it back into the red Ministerial Dispatch Box in front of her and sighed deeply. The problem at Kings Cross was getting out of hand.  She looked around her paneled office and at her brother who sat in an armchair by the fireplace. She picked up the phone and dialed four numbers.

“We have a problem,” she said.


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978 1 9114 490 03


Extreme Croquet is the seventh book in the Chronicles of Wizard's Thatch series by Dave Matthews


Extreme Croquet - How To Handle Your Flamingo

Alice and her friends are introduced to the School Games Master, Professor Charles Dodgson, and introduced to the extremely strange game of Extreme Croquet.  But Professor Dodgson has a secret. He’s lost in time and needs Alice to help him get home and complete his unfinished novel.

It’s about a girl who falls through a rabbit hole...


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978 1 9114 490 10


The Clockwork Wizard is the tenth book in the Chronicles of Wizard's Thatch series by Dave Matthews


The Clockwork Wizard

The world’s greatest toy maker needs an assistant, and so he decides to use a little magic to help find the perfect one to help him.  But as with all good intentions, nothing goes quite according to plan.

Dave Matthews spellbinds the reader with his words, in this beautiful and haunting tale leaving us to ponder the true meaning of Christmas with words you will never forget.

Sweetly rhythmic, smoothly rhyming and told in a way that only this author can this is a lovely Christmas Eve tale for any time of the year.


In stock

978 1 9114 490 41


New Titles Due In 2017

Tatling and Twaddle is the eighth book in the Chronicles of Wizard's Thatch series by Dave Matthews


Tatling and Twaddle

Everyone knows the tale of the Emperor’s New Clothes, but remember there are two sides to every story. This is the other side of the story.

Join Alice and her friends as she journeys into the past and meets the great tailors Jeremiah Tatling and Ebenezer Twaddle, creators of the Invisibility Cloak.


May 2017

978 1 9114 490 27


Seymour and the Witches is the ninth book in the Chronicles of Wizard's Thatch series by Dave Matthews


Seymour and the Witches

Valeria Bombay has summoned Seymour Grieff, the Wizard’s Thatch Undertaker, and has given him a task.  He must deliver a letter to a girl who will not be born for over 200 years and who will live on a street that has yet to be built.

But for someone with Seymour’s particular skills and the help of the Wyrd sisters this will not be a problem.


June 2017

978 1 9114 490 34





Broomstickability is “Broomstick Proficiency” for the 21st century, designed to give the next generation the skills and confidence to fly their brooms in today’s skies.

There are three Broomstickability levels, with each designed to help improve your Broomstick skills, no matter what you already think you know.

Levels 1, 2 and 3 take you on a journey from the basics of balance and control, all the way through to planning and making a long-haul journey by yourself across an ocean. Most Broomstick Flyers will typically start Broomstickability lessons once they have learnt to fly. But before you start, you need to know how to look after your Broom….


July 2017

978 0 9928 744 90



Elizabetta Bombay and the Dream Pirates




William Shakespeare and the Demon Barber



Christmas Stories







The Christmas Wish  

The Christmas Wish is beloved by children and parents around the world. Quickly becoming a household name with its gentle rhythm it’s as much a part of the holiday season as holly, elves and Santa Claus. A tale of hope and reflection that reinforces the special bond between children and parents, The Christmas Wish is a children’s Christmas book which rekindles thoughts of charity and goodwill to all.

Sweetly rhythmic and smoothly rhyming, The Christmas Wish reads a little like The Night Before Christmas crossed with a touch of Dickens. Humanly sad, spiritually haunting, and beautifully faithful without being tied to any faith. It’s a lovely Christmas tale for any time of the year.

First published in 2014, republished with a new cover.


In stock

978 0 9928 744 52


Companion Books

The Wytchery is the frirst companion book to the Chronicles of Wizard's Thatch series by Dave Matthews


The Wytchery

We are all capable of great things, but every witch or wizard sometimes needs a little book of Wytchery to help weave their magic…

Did you now that by keeping a small piece of moonstone in your pocket it ensures you have a safe journey? Or that by hanging a round shaped sun catcher in your window it will promote harmony in any room?

A connection with the magical life force happens when your eyes meet the beauty of the moonlight or when you hear the rustling voice of the autumn leaves dancing in the wind. When you bring this energy into your heart you are creating a magic spell. So next time you hear the voice of the wind, or feel inspired by a starry night, know that you have made that connection.  This book will help you achieve that connection.


In stock

978 0 9928 744 45


Alfred's Cookies, the third companion book to the Chronicles of Wizard's Thatch series by Dave Matthews


Alfred's Cookies

“Although every effort has been made to verify the information contained in this book, the publishers accept no liability whatsoever for any historical in accuracies that might have been made…”

And so begins one of the most memorable and fun romps through “twistory” in many a year. The highlights of nearly 8,000 years of history twisted to a unique and thought provoking point of view – that of the witches and wizards that have lived alongside us for all this time.

Discover how the great fire of London really started (it’s not what you think); how Columbus really discovered America (with maps); and the truth behind King Alfred’s famous cake burning incident.


Out of Stock

Expected Shortly 

978 0 9928 744 14




The Wytchery SpellBook  

The long awaited second book in the Wytchery series.  More details coming soon.




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