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History Of 

The Wizard's Thatch Academy

 "nunquam subsisto pertingens ad astra"


The Wizard’s Thatch Academy has been in continuous existence since AD 311 when the Council of Twelve (the most powerful Order of Druids and Sorcerers in the known world) decamped from the Isle of Mona some 250 years after it was annexed by Gaius Suetonius Paullinus and created what became known as the Foundation.

Originally the Foundation provided for the maintenance of a single Mage and up to 24 students at any one time.This illustrious history makes the Wizard’s Thatch Academy the oldest Public School in the country.

In 475, after a lengthy search, Merlyn the Prime Mage of the British Isles settled on the Foundation in Somerset as the ideal place to create his Academy of the Arte Magicale.

Nineteen years later, the hamlet of Wizard’s Thatch was established to serve the needs of the rapidly expanding centre for learning that the Foundation had become.

In the year 511, Merlyn’s Academy of the Arte Magicale was renamed the Wizard’s Thatch Academy.

In 643 the governing body of the Academy votes to erect a new natural history classroom on the outskirts of the Academy grounds. The Bombay family generously donate a large swathe of land including areas ideal for the cultivation of marsh dwelling creatures and plants. This area became known as Deepwater Lake.

21 years later, Oswiu, king of Northumbria, called a meeting at Whitby to settle which magical practices should have precedence in his kingdom - those of the Celtic Wizards (of Wales, Scotland and the north of England - as preached by Irish Mages) or the Wizard’s Thatch Academy (of the south of England).

The matters discussed included how to calculate the date of Easter – something that changed from year to year, much as it does today. It was eventually decided to follow the practice of Wizard’s Thatch. As a result, many Irish mages left Northumbria and returned to Ireland.

729 saw the Wizard’s Thatch Academy complete its expansion program with the completion of the North Tower and Astronomy Department in order to study the augers of the heavens. And in 735 the Subtle Art of Prophecy introduced as one of the Academy’s core lessons – leading to the introduction of the three P’s: Potions, Prophecy and Psychokinesis as the essentials for all Wizarding folk.

The next major change for the Academy came in 1086 when the Council of Twelve, fearing for the safety of the Wizard’s Thatch Academy, decided to approach the King for Royal Patronage for the Academy and establishing it as one of the country’s first “Public Schools”.

In order for the patronage to take effect, the school is obliged to throw its doors open to paying students from families across the country. And the rest, as they say, is history.....





The Wizard's Thatch Academy
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