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 "nunquam subsisto pertingens ad astra"


The art of magic stems from the very roots of human history, combining spells, talisman making and the use of amulets to ward off harm or to bring good luck and health.  It is an art that has existed for thousands and thousands of years although it is taught very rarely these days.

Magic means different things to different people - To us, it is ‘the subtle movement of natural energies to bring about a desired or needful change.’

We are all capable of great things.

What holds us back is fear, not ability. Living consciously means thinking about our actions, our words, our ideas and our feelings. We are all in touch with the greater unity, with the cosmic consciousness, with magic. The practice of magic allows us to connect with the essential elements of life. It opens our hearts to the joy of love.

People have grown disillusioned with giving their power away to someone or something else. Magic is about retaining that power, about taking responsibility for your own thoughts and actions.  Getting in touch with the essential you really can be liberating. All of a sudden you realise that you do have the power to change your life.

A connection with the magical life force happens when your eyes meet the beauty of the moonlight or when you hear the rustling voice of the autumn leaves dancing in the wind. When you bring this energy into your heart you are creating a magic spell.

The art of magic is intuitive in all of us, you don't have to have inherited it from your grandmother, you don't have to be a member of a coven or call yourself a 'witch' to be able to cast a magic spell. We all create magic everyday (either good or bad) without necessarily being aware of the energy we are conjuring.

When you use spells to create magic you are consciously harnessing energy in order to bring about change in your life. So, next time you hear the voice of the wind, or feel inspired by a starry night or want to run for the sheer joy of being alive know that you have made that magical connection.

Through the page links below, we are going to give you a fascinating glimpse into our magical world. A world of herbs, and stardust, moonbeams and magic; a world of fantastical beasts and time travel and spells; a world of wonder and delight. How much you achieve is up to you, but the more you practice, the more you concentrate - the greater the wizard you will become.

So, without further ado and, although I hate to repeat myself, "Welcome to the Wizard's Thatch Academy - Welcome to Magic School!"













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