Magic Alley & The Lost Years Of William Shakespeare; the world's oldest makers and purveyors of magical wares, and msueum of magic, fairytales and time travel

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"It is one thing to read about dragons, fairies and time travellers, but quite another to actually meet them..."

Will Shakespeare (allegedly)



What if you found an old lamp, rubbed off the dirt and a genie appeared? what if you hid in an old wardrobe and realised that it lead into a magical world? What if you fell down a rabbit hole and ended up in a crazy wonderland? Or, perhaps, what if William Shakespeare had been a time travelling wizard? 

Magic Alley is family lifestyle, adventure and imagination destination for the explorers, dreamers and storytellers of the world. the experience invites you to dream again; to suspend your disbelief for a while and embark on a magical adventure that brings a brief respite from the pressures of everyday life. 

From the moment you step through the doors and realise that it really is bigger on the inside to the moment you journey through a full sized street packed with magical objects and curios that you never knew you needed you are surrounded by the magic of storytelling. 

The possibilities are endless...

Most people think of William Shakespeare as a great poet and playwright, but during the period 1578-1584 and then again from 1585-1592 (commonly referred to by scholars and historians as "The Lost Years") no-one has ever really known what Will got up to... until now that is! 

So if you've ever wondered how he went from being a relatively uneducated 14 year old schoolboy to the world's greatest playwright some 14 years later then this is what you've been looking for. Welcome to Magic Alley where we explore the Lost Years of William Shakespeare.

Magic Alley is packed to the rafters with all kinds of unique gifts including books, retro toys, dragons, magic wands and playing cards. You can sit and watch the world go by whilst sipping a luxurious hot chocolate or one of our incredible original recipe Tudor ButterBeers in the Magic Alley Café and while away an hour or so in the Enchanted Manor where we bring to life the "Lost Years" as depicted in the best-selling Chronicles of Wizard's Thatch series of books.

So, what if William Shakespeare really had been a time travelling wizard?  Would the world as we know it be a different place?  Or perhaps it would just seem like it?  Would it be a more dangerous place, populated by strange and yet wonderful creatures?  Or would it be more magical, with everything just a little bit more vibrant and colourful? 

What it would certainly mean is that magic was real - not sort of real, but really real, just like dragons and fairies and witches. And maybe you'd be different too... 

Or perhaps you already are and you're just hiding your true nature - you're in disguise as it were...  Whatever you are, we would like to appeal to your true nature - the real you - whether you be wizard, mermaid, time traveller or fairy princess.  No matter what you are, or what you might like to be, we invite you to come and seek the magic for yourself in a world where they're not fairytales, they're history - and where the only possible explanation for Will's transformation from a relatively uneducated 14 year old schoolboy to the world's greatest playwright involves magic and time travel!

So how did a relatively uneducated Tudor schoolboy become the world's greatest storyteller and playwright?

He was a time travelling wizard, obviously!


Lose yourself in the original world of wizardry based on the Chronicles of Wizard's Thatch series of books!


Forget the 20th Anniversary of books about an orphan boy wizard with a lightening shaped scar - this year is the 28th Anniversary of the publication of the first books in the Chronicles of Wizard's Thatch series and the opening of the very first Magic Alley in London. 

So, just take two large cupfuls of imagination, a pinch of wonder with a dash of magical delight and a magical mirror.  Add to a heady mixture of stardust and moonbeams, and stir well. 

Then step back and allow the magic to begin as you enter an enchanting world of storytelling deep in the heart of Stratford upon Avon in Bell Court.  Here, you'll find Stratford's Magic Alley store and the Enchanted Manor. 
Welcome to a truly magical and enchanting world based on the best selling Chronicles of Wizard's Thatch series of books by Dave Matthews  - where every hour is the witching hour, but you don't need to be a card carrying witch to join in the fun!




 "Wonderful stories - thank you!"   "The Wizarding Timeline was awesome!"    "OMG! You've got wands!"
"You made our visit to Stratford - thank you!"    "It's a must see for fans of Wizard's Thatch!"
"We drove for 4 hours to get to you, was it worth it?  You bet it was, thank you!"

Magic Alley & The Lost Years Of William Shakespeare; the world's oldest makers and purveyors of magical wares, and msueum of magic, fairytales and time travel

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