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We believe in the magic of storytelling

and this Christmas, the Enchanted Manor has been Frozen

At midnight on October 31st, All Hallows Eve, the Frost Makers Guild took over Magic Alley and the Enchanted Manor to sprinkle their very own brand of "Frozen" magic over all three floors of the building in preparation for the arrival of the real Father Christmas on November 19th. 

Bookings are now open for a visit to Father Christmas and to experience the Enchanted Manor once it has been "Frozen".  Tickets are for timed entry only and must be pre-booked to avoid disappointment as demand is very high. 


Call 01789 290969 to book your tickets now.

Please bear with us if the phones aren't answered straight away as we're really busy at this time of year. Thank you.

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“Listen, little Ella, draw your chair up close…

and I’ll tell you a story” F Scott Fitzgerald

It’s the oldest temptation, right? Not gold, or the power that it can buy; not love nor the deep fires of passion – what we can never resist is knowledge. Not just any knowledge either, oh no, but the secret hidden knowledge of the ancients. A knowledge as seductive and treacherous as a will o’ the wisp glimmering through dark forest branches….

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As old as mankind itself, the art of a good story can be a defining moment in our lives and is characteristic of every culture throughout time.  We all tell stories, and somehow we just wouldn’t be human if we had no more stories to tell and stopped this life giving and culturally affirming action. From the bedtime stories we read our children through to the horror stories we read just before we go to bed – our lives just aren’t complete without a story every day. In fact one of my favourite quotes is from the American poet Muriel Rukseyser who says: “The universe is made of stories, not atoms.”

Some of the best evidence we have for the history of storytelling is at the beginning of the Indian Epic Mahabharata: “If you listen (to the tale) carefully, at the end you will be someone else.”

The wonder and delight of a good story immerses you completely in the tale and can quite literally transport you on a magical journey (think the Polar Express or Dorothy’s adventures in the Land of Oz for example) and nowhere is this more true than in the World of Wizard’s Thatch in Stratford’s Henley Street.

From the moment you enter the small frontage of the Creaky Cauldron and Magic Alley and discover the wonderfully themed retail space opening up in front of you, the fabulously old fashioned café called the Golden Broomstick and the Enchanted Manor Museum you are totally immersed in this enchanting world. And it’s definitely bigger on the inside!

Rebranded as part of our 25th birthday celebrations, the whole building (all three floors) is a world of storytelling based on the Chronicles of Wizard’s Thatch series of books – a series of adventures written primarily for children but suitable for all involving a girl called Alice, a famous Victorian detective, a vampire, a time travelling wizard and the Bard of Avon himself, the great Will Shakespeare.

And if you can’t learn something about storytelling from the greatest writer in the English language, then someone must have turned your life support off!

The World of Wizard’s Thatch including the Creaky Cauldron, Magic Alley, the Golden Broomstick Café and the Enchanted Manor Museum can be found at the top end of Henley Street by the main entrance to Shakespeare’s Birthplace and is open every day except Christmas Day.


You can call us on 01789 290969, follow us on twitter (see below) or click any of the images for more details about our business.

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STMO Media Group, the world's most magical business!  The Enchanting World of Wizard's Thatch; The Magic SpellBox Company; The Golden Broomstick Cafe; Magic Alley & The Creaky Cauldron; Evridor Publicity; Samhain Publishing; Not Just Shakespeare; The Enchanted Manor; The Stratford Ripper Experience

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